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Herb Alpert & Lani Hall

Wednesday, Sept 27, 7:30pm 


Tickets $60


Lani Hall is known for her emotional vocal interpretations and Herb Alpert for his trumpet virtuosity, but the married couple’s musical gifts have become as intertwined as their lives. Grammy-award winning Lani Hall helped propel Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66 to international stardom as the original lead singer, and during her solo career, she sang the title song of the 1983 James Bond movie, Never Say Never Again. Herb Alpert, best known from his Tijuana Brass period, is a legend in the music business and the co-founder of A & M Records, one of the most successful independent record labels in history. Alpert’s accomplishments include five number one hits, 28 albums on the Billboard charts and nine Grammys. From Lani's exquisite voice to Herb's trumpet mastery, a live concert with these two living legends is a once in a lifetime experience.

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